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"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how beneficial your seminar entitled "project management" was to me. Your ability to take a complex subject and individually apply it to the attendees was very impressive."

JR, Director - Ben Franklin Technology Center

"Thank you again for the fantastic training class"

LD, Booz Allen & Hamilton

"I recently attended your project management seminar in San Diego, and found your presentation to be excellent... I never realized that bank consulting projects could parallel the major defense contract projects of General Dynamics."

JS, Vice President - Bank Earnings International

"...on behalf of everyone at Chrysler, thank you. As we continue into future phases of "Customer One", and the momentum of the knowledge and skills you’ve imparted spreads throughout Chrysler, our satisfied customers and our very future will be truly enhanced because of your fine efforts."

TRC, Executive Vice President - Chrysler Corporation

"this training has been vital in improving the performance of our management of the over $400 million capital budget"

NN, Assistant General Manager - Department of Water and Power

"the seminar was excellent from the standpoint of managing basics, touching on the techniques and problems of managers in motivation, leadership, evaluations, decision-making, planning and so forth. Probably basic "stuff", however my first exposure to an in-depth classroom discussion of management techniques"

GG, Stormwater Operations Chief - City of Tampa Florida

"I found it not only generally informative but also picked up quite a few specific "tips" that will be useful in the project I’m currently working on. Your leadership and teaching skills are superb! You took what could have been a very dry subject and made it interesting and lively."

GT, Connell Bros Company Ltd

"I want to thank you for what has been the most interesting seminar I have had the opportunity to attend. I found the class to be interesting and enlightening and your ability to keep our attention at its peak the entire week is a compliment to your experience and teaching skills."

JM, Culbertson Enterprises, Inc

"The seminar was educational, informative and motivating. The subject matter covered all major management areas. I would recommend to others."

DC, Engineer - Gulf Stream Aerospace

"I really enjoyed...the seminar at Memphis and feel that it was well worth the time and money spent. The notebook that you put together for the seminar is quite helpful and I plan on using it frequently for reference"

CR, Manager - Systems Division LECORP

"As a consequence of this seminar, we have identified a number of areas where we can improve with greater communications the keys to success."

ML, President - Ludlow Textiles Company, Inc

"The concepts were conveyed very dynamically and I could relate to many of the real- world examples you provided. I wish some of the professors I had in college had presented the material as energetically as you did."

AD, Research and Development - Manager MDA Scientific Inc.

"As a teacher myself, I always feel I have a chance to learn not only about the subject matter being discussed but also about the delivery methods employed by the instructor. I left your class with a number of new skills in both the areas of managing people and providing classroom instruction"

JF, Supervisor of MIS Standards and Training - Dequesne Light

"We NASA employees are very fortunate to have training opportunities and instructors with your outstanding skills and abilities coupled with the genuine concern you so capably demonstrated to assure that we fully understood the course material and how to apply the new information we received."

AC, Preliminary Design Office - Mission Analysis Branch, NASA

"…the seminar was fast paced and captivated the audience for two days. That was quite an accomplishment with our managers. Your project management seminar examples from the real world were extremely valuable to our participants."

VM, Manager Training And Communications - Northrop

"In putting yourself forward as a founding member of the Orange County Chapter you offer that essential commitment through its formation years. The board of directors of the Project Management Institute salutes you."

FJ, Vice President - Project Management Institute

"...on behalf of the Department of Defense, your contribution was important in the results we achieved"

FA, Project Director

" the 'new' process has now been in full swing for three years, endured the test of time, and found to be very effective. Through your experience, expertise and assistance, we developed a comprehensive Project Management Manual that has proven to be the blueprint of how we do projects at Nabisco. What made the program universally accepted within Nabisco Engineering and our manufacturing facilities was a series of jointly sponsored seminars with your company ours (sic) to 'reinvent' the project management process while introducing the manual to the entire Engineering organization.

WF, Director - Capital Procurement, Nabisco

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