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Los Angeles Department of Water and PowerCity of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

The City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has a need to improve it's Project Management process, design a standard project management guideline and identify concerns and issues not readily evident within various business areas and entities within the department. Armiger International spent over one and a half years working with these issues resolving and improving varied situations as stated in the following written statement from the Department's Assistant General Manager.

"During the one and one-half years that PD&C has used Armiger International (formerly SCI), we have developed and implemented a Project Management Seminar that all PD&C engineering managers and supervisors have attended. This training has been vital in improving the performance of our management of the over $400 million capital budget that PD&C is responsible for administering this year alone."

"Due to the overwhelming success of the Project Management concept, and the seminars presented by Armiger International, we initiated two additional tasks with Armiger International in August which included:

  • Development and implementation of a Site Construction Manager Training Program for first-and second-level field supervisors. The first session was held in September.
  • Establishment of two Task Teams consisting of field forces dealing with inadequacies in the Construction Section's tool room and warehouse operations. The tool room group is presently meeting while the warehouse group will meet in late December or early January.
The additional areas in which Armiger International has been involved have shown immediate and positive results. Management's commitment to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our design and construction activities has been reinforced with our employees and our clients. This demonstration of management's comments helps improve morale and spirit within PD&C while Armiger International is providing essential training for our employees."

NEN – Assistant General Manager - Power

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