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Meridian Medical Technologies – Training and Project Management Guidelines

Meridian had sustained both a recall and serious problems in responding to requests for proposal. It was felt by the organization a more standard way of conducting project business along with defining business areas for improvement would strengthen performance, productivity and profitability. The following defines the work performed to change the companies direction in conjunction with productivity and profitability.

Over the period of one and one half years Armiger International developed a training manual in Project Management for the project management, plant management and engineering levels within the organization. Upon completion of the program development training was conducted at several locations including the corporate level and plant sites. There were five training sessions of two and one half days each and included over 70 staff members. A special one-day Executive Project Management program was both developed and presented at the senior corporate level.

During the one and one half years Armiger International worked with Meridian it also developed in concert with the engineering and project staff (sales was also an active member of the development team) a Project Management Guidelines manual to be utilized from RFP (request for proposal) through R&D to manufacturing stage. This process of development also included a complete review of how the project process flowed throughout the organization and culminated in a new four-phase process consisting of the following:

  • Phase Number 0 – Opportunity
  • Phase Number One – Screening and Feasibility
  • Phase Number Two – Planning
  • Phase Number Three – Implementation
  • Phase Number Four – Close-Out Review

This was all developed under a project environment and entitled Project 2000.

JW - Project Director

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