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The following letter supports the work completed by Armiger International in helping Nabisco evaluate their current project management process, develop a new set of project management guidelines, and conduct appropriate training to initiate a successful revitalization of the revised project management process within the Nabisco Engineering Department.

"I have wanted to send you this letter for quite some time to express my appreciation and that of Nabisco Engineering for your help in upgrading our project management process. The "new" process has now been in full swing for three years, endured the test of time, and found to be very effective. Through your experience, expertise and assistance, we developed a comprehensive Project Management Manual that has proven to be the blue print of how we do projects at Nabisco. What made the program universally acceptable within Nabisco Engineering and our manufacturing facilities was a series of jointly sponsored seminars with your company and ours to “re-invent” the project management process while introducing the manual to the entire engineering organization. The seminars put forward the proper perspective, emphasis and value of the project management process and proved to be an effective tool for getting universal acceptance within the company.

I can speak for myself, as I was a project director at the time the manual was developed and the seminars were held, that the process has worked well for our company and I would gladly add my personal endorsement of the process to other organizations.”

My thanks once again for your hard work and the fun in making it all happen."

WF - - Director, Capital Procurement

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