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Vista is a premier software development organization serving the publishing industry internationally. Armiger International was brought into Vista to evaluate and improve the project management process of doing business within the organization worldwide. It became evident that industry changes were driving the need for Vista to develop new software and services on new platforms to address customer needs. The implementation of a new project management process was necessary for Vista to make these changes and hold their position in the marketplace. The following is an overview of work and achievements Armiger International delivered in the two years of service to Vista:

  • Developed new VISTA project implementation guidelines
  • Trained all of the senior staff and Project Managers in techniques of Project Management
  • Developed a Project Management training program for VISTA’s customers’ project managers
  • Conducted a training program on the use of the implementation guidelines and integration and use of Microsoft Project software to improve scheduling and project tracking
  • Developed and implemented new closure procedures and handover documents for customer service
  • Developed new reporting and updating procedures for projects
  • Developed a new process for collection and tracking of time to input into Microsoft Project
  • Designed and implemented a mentoring program including
    • Change notice procedures
    • Communications
    • Meeting guidelines
  • Developed templates to assist in:
    • Change control
    • Risk assessment
  • Developed and delivered a Leadership and Management training program
  • Developed online templates and online project logs and tracking follow-up procedures

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