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Overview: 2 Days with 1.2 CEUs

In 1985 only 20 percent of the United States workforce felt highly stressed, now the current figure has more than doubled. Facts about stress:

  • 25% report having multiple stress-related illness
  • 72% of employees experience stress-related conditions which increase already high health costs
  • 69% say high stress levels reduce their productivity on the job

These are facts not to be overlooked, but critical issues to be dealt with. Stress is a silent killer leading to high blood pressure, mental disease, family problems, divorce, accidents and any number of other mental and physical issues.

How attendees will benefit:

  • Learn how to cope with change
  • Learn the difference between negative and positive Inner-talk.
  • Develop positive ways of "As you think, so you become"
  • You will walk through the "Six ways to ward off worry"
  • Learn to relieve bottled-up anger and stress with positive Inner-talk
  • Build self esteem using inner-talk tools
  • How to balance work and family
Some of the topics to be covered:
  • What is stress?
  • Changing how you cope with change
  • Anger and what to do with it
  • Work-aholism and stress
  • Proven stress reducers

Who should attend?
Any person, manager, leader or staff who face today’s fast paced world of organizational changes, increased work loads and unique family environmental issues

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