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Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking

Overview: 3 Days with 1.8 CEUs

Today more than ever, organizations must capitalize on a changing business environment, improve profitability and overall productivity, formulate and implement a planning process, and make better strategic decisions. This strategic planning program will equip you and your staff with the skills you need to solve one of the most difficult problems facing management today – how to create a strategic plan which gives specific direction, yet flexible enough to remain competitive in today’s environmental and economic changes.

How attendees will benefit:

  • Gain knowledge of the most current strategic planning processes and tools
  • Develop and translate a mission statement into reality
  • Learn how to recognize and overcome organizational barriers to planning
  • Learn how to involve the right people in the planning process and gain their commitment
  • Effectively sell your strategic plan to senior management
  • Learn how to use creative thinking to dig beyond surface solutions
  • Learn how to use measurability and verifiability to control the accuracy of the strategic plan and know when to change it
Some of the topics to be covered:
  • Understand the planning process and its critical interface with an organization’s success
  • Link strategic and operational planning
  • Assess how your plan will contribute to shareholder value
  • Identify those projects which should be part of the strategic plan and their priority of order
  • Formulate critical review points identifying opportunities for course correction

Who should attend?
Business professionals, project managers, senior management and strategic planners who want a solid foundation in strategic planning and creative thinking. This is an excellent time for divisional and functional managers to join with senior management to develop a team approach to new creative thinking and convert it into a dynamic strategic plan.

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