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Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

Overview: 3 days with 1.8 CEUs

In today’s fast paced business world, financial issues are a key responsibility of all managers and are considered part of the job description and, therefore, also a factor in the hiring process. Finance has become the central language of the corporation and all its supporting entities in managing and communicating its key goals, objectives and results. Managers have to be finance savvy, knowing how to justify budgets, financial requests and projects. As a manager you will be held accountable for the bottom line.

How attendees will benefit:

  • You will gain a working level understanding of the business and financial side of your position
  • Learn how to translate performance into financial terms
  • Remove guesswork from your decision process and deliver strong bottom line agreed results
  • Understand business dynamics of dollars and cents
  • Use financial understanding to develop and meet short and long term goals
  • Create a better understanding and working relationship with the financial professionals within your organization
Some of the topics to be covered:
  • Learn the financial language and key terms
  • Understand assets, liabilities, capital, depreciation capitalization, and more
  • Set up financial statements and reports using appropriate accounting principles
  • Read and interpret financial statements and understand financial warning signs
  • Determine an organization’s financial position through annual reports
  • Learn and understand the role of leveraging Profit planning and budgeting for your organization
  • Create and evaluate return on investment paybacks

Who should attend?
This program is designed for non-financial managers from any functional area of responsibility and from either the public or private business sector.

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