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Leadership Skills

Leadership and Managerial Skills for New Managers

Overview: 3 Days with 1.8 CEUs

This program provides the new manager with a solid foundation of skills required to deal with both short and long term growth in the leadership and managerial arena of working with staff, peers and senior management in today’s fast-paced, ever changing business environment.

How attendees will benefit:

  • Develop a managerial tool kit to promote a culture for high performance and growth of company, staff and self.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of leadership and management.
  • Use and improve communication to effectively set expectations for direct reports and peers.
  • Adapt a flexible leadership style to manage the diverse needs of individual team members and get results
  • Learn the simple, yet effective, methods of empowerment and effective delegation
  • Improve staff performance through proven coaching and counseling methods
Some of the topics to be covered:
  • The roles and responsibilities of managers and direct reports.
  • How to use measurability and verifiability to support growth and development.
  • Using involvement and commitment to set staff expectations and agreed results.
  • Identify the tools for effective communication and discover the hidden barriers to good communication.
  • The importance of coaching, mentoring and facilitating as a leadership skill.
  • Utilize the factors that deliver strong motivation of individual and team performance.

Who should attend?
New managers with one to three years of experience and professionals soon to be promoted to supervisory or managerial positions.

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Leadership Skills
Leadership & Managerial Skills for New Managers
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