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Leadership Skills

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Overview: 2 Days with 1.2 CEUs

Improve your working relationships in this hands-on program developed to help you meet your unique needs, concerns, and challenges as a professional in today’s business culture.

Your communication and interpersonal skills can and will make the difference between success and failure in the way you actually get the job done. This program shows you the various critical methods and tools required to succeed.

How attendees will benefit:

  • Solutions to many of the common, everyday people-problems
  • Develop active listening skills necessary to really tune-in to co-workers, peers and higher level management
  • Improve communication to get the responses you want and need.
  • Overcome the usual resistance to new ideas and ways to get the job done.
  • Build a team approach to motivate others and facilitate change.
  • Gain peer and other department support for project and task implementation.
  • Deal with company politics
  • Learn how to sell your ideas to team members across organizational and functional areas.
Some of the topics to be covered:
  • The many unique challenges faced by today’s professionals.
  • The key elements of good and bad communication
  • Manage conflicts effectively
  • Minimize conflicts and build group commitment
  • Build effective team communication and performance through good communication and interpersonal skills.

Who should attend?
Those professionals who need to develop the communication and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in business.

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Leadership Skills
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