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Business Process Flow Analysis

A clear understanding of current business practices and processes is a key element of success before the design, development and implementation of any new processes, systems or project can take place.

Armiger International, through its highly successful BPFA approach, obtains involvement and commitment from all levels of staff and management.
Our process provides a critical assessment of that which really happens within a company. The goal is to define the following processes:

  • The as-is state (how work is currently being performed)
  • The should be state (defines optimal performance levels)
  • The could be state (defines a new level of performance)

Armiger International’s BPFA unfolds into the following process steps:

  • Understanding current business practices
  • Map current (as-is) business process
  • Analysis of current business process
  • Gap analysis of current business process
  • Document new business process
  • Identify process improvement opportunities

Let Armiger International show you what others have already experienced in exceptional savings and continuous process improvement through our BPFA.

Isn't it time to examine the ways we are conducting business? Our process, procedures and often methods need an examination and a prescription for continuous improvement.

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