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PM Impact Process

It is a proven fact processes simple in concept and practical in application make the difference in success of desired results.

PM Impact is a process utilized by corporations worldwide to investigate issues, and evaluate and clarify the pulse of an organization’s performance.

The PM Impact process delivers agreed results to satisfy organizational issues through improved Productivity, Performance and Profitability.

The basic concepts of "Involvement Gets Commitment" and "Measurability and Verifiability" are foundation building blocks of the PM Impact process. While the process is facilitated and mentored by an Armiger International team, it is implemented by organizational staff members making ownership of agreed results a reality.

PM Impact is a three phase approach:

  • Phase One—Discovery and Analysis
  • Phase Two—Development and Implementation
  • Phase Three—Mentor and Audit

Phase One is the most critical step of the PM Impact process since this is where and how the Pulse of an organization is clearly defined.

Prior to any corrective measure or new concept implementation, it is paramount that organizational management understands that an accurate process analysis must be undertaken, reviewed and agreed to in terms of the current state of the business.

The PM Impact Pulse Questionnaire and other support programs such as our BPFA (Business Process Flow Analysis) process are utilized to help evaluate the state of an organization’s pulse. Upon completion of a Phase One review of the findings with the organization’s management team, there is a discussion of potential corrective action steps and an implementation plan. Only after agreement will there be a continuation to the PM Impact Phase Two and Three.

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