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Project Consulting Services

Armiger International has the flexibility to help design and establish a project from concept to deliverables or enter a project already underway managing that project to its successful conclusion.

We also have a tool set that allows us to evaluate current projects not achieving their goals (agreed results) followed by development and deployment of an action plan to bring the project back on track and ultimately to a successful conclusion. Armiger International's services can include discrete segments of the project process, such as requirements development or risk analysis, to management of the full end-to-end process, depending on your needs. Some of the tools we can bring to your project environment include:

  • Extensive "Project Management Guidelines" to supplement your current process
  • Bid Requirements and Proposal Writing
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management
  • Program Analysis and Tracking
  • Business Performance Flow Analysis
  • A suite of Stakeholder Management Programs
  • Advanced Project Management and Tracking Tools
  • Scalable Solutions to your project requirements
  • Training Programs in hard and soft project skills requirements
  • Mentoring of the project organizations and business units.

Although Armiger International works with you in whatever capacity necessary, we find in general there are three basic ways in which we support our client organizations:

Project Managing the Full Cycle of a Project. In this scenario Armiger International can be brought in as the Project Manager to run a project from the beginning to its completion.

As a Resource and Support to the Project Management Team. Sometimes project teams have already been created and a project is underway; however, identified resources to support the project may still need to be acquired and trained. Armiger International can be brought in to fill the gaps on the team and/or provide the critical project management mentoring, training and development for those resources along with staffing requirements for a project office and other project support duties for ongoing projects.

Project Overview and Realignment. During the progression of some projects it is difficult to identify why a project is not going according to plan. Armiger International can assist the senior levels of management by entering a project environment in a quiet and non-threatening manner to evaluate the project, making recommendations on how to rectify identified issues and bring the project back on track. Once the new plan is in place, Armiger International can also support the required change management process.

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Project Consulting Services
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