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Pulse Questionnaires

Pulse Questionnaires accurately define performance attitudes in an organization from staff to senior management.

Questionnaires vary from 25 to 35 questions and are divided into categories to aide in development of final profile results.

Questionnaires are uniquely designed with each question answered in a two dimensional format – "Actually Occurs" (identifying situational perception) and "Should Occur" (identifying conceptual solutions).

A demographics page is customized for each client organization including fields for job titles, geographic locations, union, non-union, salaried or exempt, management levels and technical employees.

The highest levels of security and anonymity are maintained by Armiger International protecting both respondents and the organization.

Pulse Questionnaires include:

  • Organizational Performance Questionnaire
  • Customer Service Questionnaire
  • Employee Opinion Questionnaire
  • Project Management Questionnaire
  • Project Management Close Out Questionnaire
  • Construction Management Questionnaire
  • Quality Questionnaire
  • Sales / Service Questionnaire
  • Sales Team Questionnaire
  • Training Assessment Questionnaire

Questionnaires can be provided electronically or in paper format.
Final profiles include tabulation of responses, narrative of results and specific recommendations for situational modification within each category.

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Pulse Questionnaires
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