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Armiger International provides free information to interested parties. We provide a bimonthly newsletter sent to you by email and from time to time we will post papers that Armiger International associates have delivered.
The PM Companion newsletter. This letter is sent out on a regular basis to individuals interested in furthering their understanding of project management.

The newsletter is designed as a vehicle by which we further a community of interest to individuals in their quest for expanding knowledge of the project management world. In so doing we are interested in your feedback and problem questions, which will be answered within three business days. If appropriate, and with your approval, your problems and their solutions will appear (anonymously) in a future edition to be shared with others.

Information you receive in the PM Companion newsletter are timely issues we are working with at the time of publication. Every effort will made to make each newsletter focus on a specific topic or item, however, since many individuals have voiced interest in various areas of the project management process we will provide a broad range of information on all issues.

Surviving Project Management: To Timbuktu and Back
A Process Called Project Management
International Projects and Off-shoring: A New Paradigm (PDF)



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